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Come at me with all you've got
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We made a video about Tokyo’s Viva Cute Candy hair salon.



We made a video about Tokyo’s Viva Cute Candy hair salon.

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Midori’s hair close up from the Time Travel Station fashion show

I am in love.

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fill in the blanks

1. name:  hannah
2. birthday: august 5th
3. favorite colour: lavender/red/pink
4. lucky number: 7
5. height: 5’6.5” or smthn


1. last dream you remember: I think it was one of my usual stress dreams which are always like im naked or in my underwear and stressing about it and no one else seems to notice or care and im then MORE stressed because i feel neurotic and try to see if people rly do notice
2. can you juggle: hell no
3. art/sports/both: i can art. Only good at traditional in greyscale but i can digital art too. Im not ver good at sports but i get competitive that kind of makes up for it
4. do you like writing: only short things and collaboratively
5. do you like dancing: yes and im terrible at it
6. do you like singing: only in my car


1. dream vacation: Japan for some srs Loli spending
3. dream guy/gal: someone who sasses me back, makes me laugh, and is taller than me when i wear giant heels
4. dream wedding: like every royal wedding ever to the nth power
5. dream pet: a bunch of cats. I want to rescue a doberman. A borzoi 
6. dream job: cool art job for some company. Making movies or smthn

1. favorite song: idk Menswear by The 1975is my most played song on itunes and i listen to Empire Ants by the Gorillaz a lot
2. favorite album: Foxy Shazam’s Church of Rock and Roll
3. favorite artist: Foxy Shazam, Gorillaz, The 1975, Stromae, FEMM, Anamanaguchi
4. last song you heard on the radio: i think some Maroon Five song my roommates were playing
5. least favorite song: idk something by beiber
6. least favorite album: idk something by beiber
7. least favorite artist:idk something by beiber


1. guys/girls/both: sadly only into dicks
2. hair color: dgaf
3. eye color: i like eyes that look like the sea
4. humorous/serious: seriously humurous
5. taller/shorter: taller
6. biggest turn-off: ”c’mon it was just a joke”
7. biggest turn-on: makes me laugh, doesn’t take my shit, cares about how they look. 

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live with the passion of leslie knope, the enthusiasm of chris traeger, and the bloodlust of april ludgate

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Rina Sakioka modeling Electric Circus for BABY’S Time Travel Station Fashion Show

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King Lion - Milt Kahl
Original video:


King Lion - Milt Kahl

Original video:

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hair goals forever X

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All Time Favorite Movies: Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind (1984) dir. Hayao Miyazaki

And that one shall come to you garbed in raiment of blue, descending upon a field of gold… to forge anew our ties with the lost land.

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there is no beauty in a world that is completely S T I L L

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Anonymous said: YA BEAUTIFUL ya fanTAStic ya angel voiced SIREN with rad HAIR and a cute FACE keep doin what u dO cause its AWESOME


is this hannah it could not be hannah but i feel like it’s hannah but if it’s not thank you also this means a lot ; u;

shit i got caught on anon my speech patterns have become traceable i must morph

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*does a pushup* when will i become bara

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truly an amazing sight (x)

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//continues to be lame//